Group Classes

All Group classes are held at: 27 CHARNWOOD STREET, DERBY, DE1 2GU (See Contact page for map and directions.)

Our regular weekly classes, each lasting 2 hours, are held at the following times:

Sunday classes

ADVANCED 1:       10.30am until 12.30pm
ADVANCED 2:       12.30pm until 2.30pm

Tuesday classes


FRESHERS:       7pm until 9pm

Class Fees

£75 per half term payable in advance (7 weeks).

We take on students from age 16 upwards with mixed abilities, from beginners, right through to those who are more advanced in their training. All our classes have a supportive and friendly atmosphere, which helps students become more relaxed and confident in the work they are doing.

At the academy, students study the craft of acting with an emphasis placed on understanding text, practicing the techniques required to establish motivation and develop character, and the importance of being fully engrossed in the world of the play. Students in the group classes will be introduced to the teachings of a number of theatre practitioners, including Stanislavski and Brecht, as well as more modern approaches, applied to a variety of scenes and texts. They will learn some of the basics of professional presentation skills with practical applications to the acting industry, like learning the essentials of a cold reading, the important aspects of audition preparation and how to deliver a compelling performance of a rehearsed monologue.

Students will be taught the rudiments of improvisation with an emphasis placed on how to listen in a heightened state of awareness and how to trust one's gut instinct. Also how to drop the internal critic, gain confidence in the creative process and embrace the moment more fully.

Each class includes training in relaxation technique, vocal care and physical alignment. Through a series of classes students will gain confidence in their abilities while conquering the challenges of being authentic and fusing acting skill with instinct, imagination and emotion. Collaborative storytelling, character development and plot construction will be taught in the context of theatre games and open-form scenes.

There will be occasional performance opportunities where students will have the chance to demonstrate what they have learned. There will also be opportunities for students to perform rehearsed scenes for fellow students and invited guests.

The classes require a commitment to maintain regular attendance to support other students and maximize their own potential.

Private Tutorials:

UNDER 18:          £30 per hour
ADULTS:             £40 per hour

Available to members and non-members.

In private tutorials, Neale provides expert professional training and guidance on a one to one basis. He teaches the student how to define success on their own terms and how to achieve high standards of excellence. In a safe, supportive and positive environment the student is invited to discover more about their real potential and how to achieve it. Each student is encouraged to engage fully in the craft of acting through scene study and training in theatre and television techniques. Neale’s wide experience in the profession makes for a thorough introduction to the business of the acting world. The private acting coaching sessions are highly recommended to individuals who are passionate about acting and have a deep desire to enter the profession.

Private Tutorials are held at: 189 Longmoor Lane, Breaston, Derby DE72 3BE.

LAMDA classes are available on a one to one basis allowing students to prepare for external examinations. Arts Award classes are held in group sessions or in private tutorials, offering additional opportunities for students to extend their knowledge of the arts generally and gain national qualifications. Neale is an Arts Award advisor and provides classes for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Tel: 01332 875947 or 07779 467124